New Route at Fairfield West

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New route established at Fairfield West, nearest “Spooky Tooth” wall

“Scenic Cruise” 5.8+, F.A. Branscomb 1-2012, start on “Candy Mountain” and split right at 3rd bolt, long route, sustained slab and 60m cord required, two rap stations, one up top and one midway, Enjoy!



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Stay in touch and follow this site or check in at the Wild Iris Mountain Sports for updates on recent route development.  Locals are still scoping lines and more new routes will be developed this winter/spring up in Sinks Canyon.  Don’t forget to donate to B.A.R.F. if you have extra time or money.

Thanks for the support!

End of the Year

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Happy Holidays to all!  Sinks Canyon has been amazing lately and the locals have been out at the crag at the Addiction wall, The Citadel, and Achin’ for Booty.  30 degrees and sunny usually provides for a great day of cragging and sending.   See ya out there!

Cold and sunny December

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Winter has arrived.  Morning temps in Lander have dropped below zero at times; but, the day time temps have risen back into the mid 30’s on the clear days.  The sunny days have provided amazing conditions up at the crag.  Keep your eye on the weather and get out there!

Locals are still excited to establish and maintain routes at the Sinks this winter.  Don’t forget to stop by the Wild Iris Mountain sports and drop off a donation, buy an official B.A.R.F. shirt or let the staff know about any problems with routes or at the crag.

  Thanks to you all for the continued support!!!

New Routes Added

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New route added at Fairfield West:

“Sugar Mountain” 5.7/5.8 – F.A.- B.B.- 130 feet, bolts to 2BA, lower twice with a 60m cord, long and fun!

New Route

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Fairfield Central:
“Rez Ride” 5.8+ by BS and BE, inside corner, bolted and sick! Go check it out.
Also a big shout out to the Lloyd family for linking the BARF blog to their website:


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Hey, start sending!  Sinks is starting to come back in season;  Sweetwater Rocks is ready (bouldering and routes).  Locals have been sending last minute projects up at the Iris and moving down into the valley for Sinks Canyon season.  The Loop Road is still open.  Fossil Hill anyone?

Get out there!  Let Vance know of any new routes or news of interest: